Apartemen Terbaru Berlokasi di Surabaya Barat

Brief Concept

Taken from a name of a sea in Russia, Caspian Tower is the second tower of a sustainable superblock area, Grand Sungkono Lagoon. Built on top of a lifestyle mall which is designed to complete the physical need and social need of Surabaya citizens. 

The exclusive facade design is preferred to make the building to be characteristic and stand out in Surabaya. Built at the Grand Sungkono Lagoon superblock area, Caspian Tower has a different facade design to identify the tower from other towers.

The apartment unit is made to be flexible to be combined with the adjacent unit to make it more spacious so it will meet the market demand but the unit itself still has boundaries in term of structure.

Green Feature

A sustainable design is one approach to the green and healthy living. The building's systems are designed to use natural ventilation on each floor which is capable to save much energy every year. Collaborating with GBCI (Green Building Council Indonesia), the facade’s design is formulated based on WWR (Window Wall Ratio) to obtain high performance and overall façade OTTV (Overall Thermal Transmittance Value) for the residents.

On the ground floor, all of which reflect the lake and trees has been designed to get a comfortable temperature in the environment. To reduce the carbon footprint, almost all of the entire materials come from natural resources such as stones, woods, local tiles, etc. Cycling park is also available in this apartment for the residents to stay healthy and for the environment to apply zero carbon energy. The building uses the Rain Water Collecting to be treated in the Grey Water to reduce, reuse and recycle in the water treatment system.

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Smart Home Technology


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An advanced technology to increase the security systems of your house, smart home technology is certainly a technology to facilitate your daily activities. Not only for the security reason, this home automation device enables you to control the main door lock, air conditioning (AC), lighting, television, and any electrical devices inside your house. Worry less for you have everything in your control. It is not a trend, it is a need of a modern life...